The Digital Zebra achieves LinkedIn company page follower target, ahead of schedule.


The Digital Zebra has exceeded its set target of LinkedIn company page followers ahead of the end-June planned date.  The goal of achieving a minimum of 50 LinkedIn company page followers has been exceeded several days before the 30 June deadline.

Mark Wilson, founder and creative director of The Digital Zebra said, “LinkedIn is an important social media tool for The Digital Zebra.  We use LinkedIn as a means of engaging with businesses and professionals and to share our knowledge and enthusiasm of the power of social media marketing”.

The Digital Zebra’s clients use LinkedIn to get their messages across as well.  Wilson explained “most of our clients use LinkedIn to engage with and influence their clients and potential clients.  So we work with our clients to expand their opportunities to influence on LinkedIn too”.

As of this morning (Friday, 24 June 2016) the total number of followers of The Digital Zebra page on LinkedIn is 152.

To follow The Digital Zebra, visit The Digital Zebra company page and click “follow”.

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