Social media strategy

I know I should be using social media.  But I just don’t know where to start.

I see my competitors using social media. How can I get their customers to look at what I am doing instead?  

I am too busy to deal with Facebook and Twitter.

At The Digital Zebra, we can create a social media strategy that helps you achieve your business goals.

  • Do you want to find more customers?
  • Do you want to advertise your products and services as inexpensively as possible?
  • Do you simply want to find a better, quicker, more efficient way to communicate?

Our philosophy is to start by understanding exactly what you want to achieve.  We offer a free consultation process – usually a call or face-to-face meeting – to make sure we fully understand the business problems you are looking to solve.

Then we create a comprehensive social media strategy for you.  We can show you what channels should best meet your specific objective.  Whether it’s Facebook and Twitter; LinkedIn and Pinterest; Periscope, Snapchat and Instagram; WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, sms, email marketing, the list is almost endless.

We show you how to set up your social media accounts.  We tell you how to make sure they work properly. We demonstrate how to make sure they look great and communicate the right messages. And we make sure you are able to give your business the best chance to find the right social media users, engage with them and turn them into paying customers.

And when you have this communication working well, your customers can become great advocates for your business, in turn providing you with more users, more leads and, of course, more customers.

We provide you with a bespoke social media strategy which is yours to implement as soon as you choose.

Would you like us to create a full, bespoke social media strategy so you can start to attract users, followers and customers? Email us today to find out how we can build this for you

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