Monthly Archives: April 2016

Using Personas to describe your customers

Who are your customers? It’s critical that you know who they are, if you intend to find more of them. So, it may seem an obvious question, but can you describe who your customers are? If you can’t summarise who they are easily and quickly, it might be that you would benefit from a marketing […]

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It’s a three-way street

In the old days – say, any time from the invention of the printing press up until the early 21st century – businesses would communicate to customers and potential customers via the printed word.  The business would write some copy; a publisher would print it – usually alongside some editorial content; a grateful public would […]

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Find some time away from social media every day

It’s critical to switch off.  Move from your keyboard, look away from your phone. Log out. Tune off. Breathe. Because, however much you rely on new media to deliver ideas, opportunities, risks, news and offers, you still need to make time to do two things.  Work.  And not work. Why not talk to us? We can […]

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