Five Twitter tips for businesses


Millions of businesses are now using Twitter to engage with current and potential customers – and to win business from their competitors. So, if you are thinking of setting up a Twitter account, here are five important tips to bear in mind.

  1. Define your goal. Are you trying to increase follower numbers? Find new customers? Create a customer service channel? Pushing people to your website? Whatever your goal is – write it down! Then remind yourself every few weeks. “Am I achieving what I set out to achieve with Twitter?” If not, change they way you’re approaching it.
  2. Make sure every tweet is legal. Which means every time you tweet, the content is not defamatory, harassing, malicious or menacing. It is not deceptive, misrepresentative or impersonating. It is not threatening. It does not reveal personal or confidential information. Other than that, you’re pretty much ok to tweet anything. As long as you do not infringe trade marks or copyright laws. There are many laws to be aware of when tweeting – this article contains very useful information:
  3. Use the right “voice”. Make sure the tweets are written in the language used by your customers. Not just “English”, but make sure they’re written using the jargon, short-hand and abbreviations your customers use. The boss of your business may have brilliant writing skills – but does she write in the way your customers speak?
  4. Interact, don’t just lecture. Who wants to be told what to do and what to think? It’s far better to interact with people, engage and share views and information than it is simply to regurgitate press releases or tell customers what your current price list is. Ask questions. Do you know what the easiest way to find out about customers is? Ask them! So keep doing it. And engage them when they reply. And use their answers to create more questions. That’s when the conversation starts, the engagement works and customers become evangelists for your product, brand or service.
  5. Use lists and #hashtags. Lists are used to organise and group people and accounts you find interesting. Hashtags are used to identify and find tweets that cover subjects you are interested in. (#But don’t #overdo it #with #hashtags).

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