It’s a three-way street

Three way street

In the old days – say, any time from the invention of the printing press up until the early 21st century – businesses would communicate to customers and potential customers via the printed word.  The business would write some copy; a publisher would print it – usually alongside some editorial content; a grateful public would appreciate the opportunity to know what the business had to say.

Same with television advertising. And radio. And cinema adverts. Posters. Leaflets. All of this advertising was one-way only.  The business told customers “stuff”; the customers read it, watched it, listened to it and made up their own minds.

Now, thanks to social media, that’s all changed. What you post, your customers see – and respond to.  It’s two-way.  It’s proper communication.

Only there’s another layer.  What you post and what your customers respond are both visible to everyone else. Other customers, rival businesses, reviewers…

So nowadays, it’s critical that your social media activity is right from every angle. You can talk to everyone; everyone’s able to talk back to you – and about you; and everyone is watching everything that’s said.

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